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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Top 5 Options for Colon Cleansing Treatments

The colon is a very important part of the body in that it is in part, responsible for the elimination of waste in the form of feces. It functions in the capacity of reabsorption of food nutrients and water. However, it is possible for the colon to be unable to carry out its job effectively. When this happens the colon develops what is called an impaction. This is a situation where all or part of the feces that is supposed to be passed out remains in the colon causing constipation and inhibiting normal bowel movements, not to mention other symptoms like bad breath, bloating, abdominal cramps et.c.This waste material that is residual in the colon can result in the toxic poisoning of the system as a result of the reabsorption of the waste materials. When this occurs there is a need for colon cleansing which simply is the cleaning of the large and small intestine of any waste materials that has been lodged there as a result of the bowel’s inability to expel it. Colon cleansing should be regular event in any one’s life given the fact that we all pas feces which can have remnants lodged in our bodies. This is important because it has been shown that the average adult has between five and forty pounds of waste materials deposited in the bowel. Therefore, you see the need for a regular colon cleansing exercise. However, colon cleansing comes in various methods:1. The use of Enemas2. The use of Laxatives3. Using oxygen-based cleansers4. Colon hydrotherapy5. Herbal supplementsAs with everything in life, these techniques have both got their pluses and minuses. So, we’ll take a brief look at each of the methods and see how much benefit they each give.1. EnemasEnemas have been known to have been in existence for thousands if years. History has shown it was used in Egypt as a form of treatment for digestive maladies and disorders. Enemas vary –water, clay, and coffee-and so do the results stemming from its use. Most times, enemas just get rid of waste that is deposited and impacting the lower colon. However, enemas cannot function as a melting agent that will melt away all the waste materials. So its use is in a away limited. It is very effective in rectum emptying. The reason some people do not also like using enemas is because they do not like the idea of inserting any form of enema in the rectum.Note: Check out Part 2 for the continuation of the articleFor more information visit:

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