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Sunday, April 11, 2010

What kinds of Food for Constipation are best

Eat this. No don't eat that. Don't even touch that! It's the kind of advice we keep getting daily. "If you eat excess fatty substances, you sure wont be able to poop". From the media to even our friends and loved ones, all we get is advice on what to eat or what not to. How do you decide what is good for you? How do you know what food for constipation is best? Given the fact that there seems to be so many "proven experts" in the market telling us what to eat and what not to. Who cares anyways! What if you could eat anything you literally want to eat and be sure that if there is any form of constipation, you'll eliminate it by nightfall. Would that be nice?

Well, there are quite a few people out there who can boast of providing a quick fix like that. However, if you've got constipation, you can eliminate it as fast as possible eating certain food for constipation. There are quite a few around:

1. Figs and Dates.

These are fruits high in fiber content. They take about twenty four hours before results can be seen. Because of its nature, figs enhance the process of digestion and are a rich source of fiber and minerals. This is not to mention the fact that they -figs and dates- produce serotonin.

2. Using Grapes

Eating one or two pounds of grapes in a day will greatly reduce the incidence of constipation. Grapes contain a high quantity of minerals and vitamins, high fiber content, and manganese. They are a great laxative and bring instant relief to the stomach.

3. Pawpaw

Pawpaw also known as Carica papaya is a well known fruit containing the enzyme papain. But not many know it for its qualities as a food for constipation. The high mineral content of the pawpaw reduces cell waste, gets rid of stomach mucus and colon mucus. To use them effectively, you can eat in between meals or add to smoothies.

4. Persimmon

Another important food for constipation, Persimmons have been reputed to be as highly nutritious as an apple and some claim it may yield better results for the heart. This is because of the high content of fiber and minerals like potassium, calcium, manganese, sodium, iron et.c These minerals including phenolic compounds are anti-oxidants and as a result, colon cleaners. For quick results, eat two to three of it daily.

5. Plums

These are fruits with high mineral content in addition to having a gentle laxative property. They are very effective in clearing gas from the bowels.

6. Prunes

These are plums that are dried. So the both of them can be used interchangeably. But prunes are generally more effective food for constipation than plums are. Because of the high iron content prunes are generally considered one of the best ways to relieve constipation.

7. Raspberry

The raspberry is a fruit rich in Vit A and C. It is also rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium. Eating them during the day in copious quantities will relieve your constipation fast.

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Top 5 Tips On How to Effectively Cleanse the Colon

Top 5 Tips On How to Effectively Cleanse the Colon The colon which is an important part of our digestive system is in part responsible for the passage and expelling of feces via our anus. It is long and is made up of bacteria, blood vessels, muscles and nerves. All these help in the elimination of waste from our precious bodies. To effectively cleanse the colon, there are various options we must consider. So are very effective, while others are not so effective.Because the colon is situated inside the body there is a high tendency that most of us have even forgotten that fact that it is there until we start having problem passing stool with lots of strain. The reason this occurs is due to various factors such as lack of exercise, lack of foods that are fiber rich, inadequate fluids in the colon et.c. Cleansing the colon therefore entails knowing some important things like what product is best for a specific type of person, what techniques are very effective, what supplements to use or what diet to be on et.c You see there are various methods and we’ll be looking at each and every one of them in-depth.1. HydrotherapyThis is also popularly referred to as colon irrigation. In this method, purified water –sometimes mixed with minerals- re infused into an individual through the anus to wash off all forms of waste both loose and hard, clinging and floating from the walls of the intestine and the colon. When the water is injected into the person, it causes the colon muscles to contract resulting in bowel movements. When this is carried out by an experienced personnel or professional, it is not harmful and in fact has high benefits. But when carried out by an inexperienced fellow, you re likely to end up developing what is called a megacolon which really means the distending of the colon to a larger size hence making it possible for the colon to take more fecal waste that it should normally do. Also, when effectively carried out, you can be rest assured you might not need any other for the next six months to one year. However, if you insist in it being frequently done, it would lead to an abuse of the whole process, result in muscle damaging, and nerve damage. It is also very expensive as it costs nothing less than $100 per treatment or per session with the doctor.For more information visit:

Top 5 Options for Colon Cleansing Treatments

The colon is a very important part of the body in that it is in part, responsible for the elimination of waste in the form of feces. It functions in the capacity of reabsorption of food nutrients and water. However, it is possible for the colon to be unable to carry out its job effectively. When this happens the colon develops what is called an impaction. This is a situation where all or part of the feces that is supposed to be passed out remains in the colon causing constipation and inhibiting normal bowel movements, not to mention other symptoms like bad breath, bloating, abdominal cramps et.c.This waste material that is residual in the colon can result in the toxic poisoning of the system as a result of the reabsorption of the waste materials. When this occurs there is a need for colon cleansing which simply is the cleaning of the large and small intestine of any waste materials that has been lodged there as a result of the bowel’s inability to expel it. Colon cleansing should be regular event in any one’s life given the fact that we all pas feces which can have remnants lodged in our bodies. This is important because it has been shown that the average adult has between five and forty pounds of waste materials deposited in the bowel. Therefore, you see the need for a regular colon cleansing exercise. However, colon cleansing comes in various methods:1. The use of Enemas2. The use of Laxatives3. Using oxygen-based cleansers4. Colon hydrotherapy5. Herbal supplementsAs with everything in life, these techniques have both got their pluses and minuses. So, we’ll take a brief look at each of the methods and see how much benefit they each give.1. EnemasEnemas have been known to have been in existence for thousands if years. History has shown it was used in Egypt as a form of treatment for digestive maladies and disorders. Enemas vary –water, clay, and coffee-and so do the results stemming from its use. Most times, enemas just get rid of waste that is deposited and impacting the lower colon. However, enemas cannot function as a melting agent that will melt away all the waste materials. So its use is in a away limited. It is very effective in rectum emptying. The reason some people do not also like using enemas is because they do not like the idea of inserting any form of enema in the rectum.Note: Check out Part 2 for the continuation of the articleFor more information visit:

Tips on Baby Constipation Treatment

Mark is a 5 month old baby. He has not had any sort of bowl movement for close to one week now. His parents have tried all sorts of medication to help ease the constipation: putting one-and-a-half teaspoonful of light Karo syrup in his bottles, massaging his tummy, placing him on a diet of prunes, to giving one table spoon of cereal after his bottles. Up till now, there has been no improvement and from the way things are looking, there may be no baby constipation remedy unless a “miracle” occurs. Mark’s parents, John and Jessica have been extremely worried and concerned as they are at a loss for what to do and would only use laxatives as a last resort. Does the above scenario depict what you or someone you know are currently going through? It is only natural that you be extremely worried about what is happening to your child. Not to worry though, we might just be able to figure out what to do to help your child have the bowel movements you desire. Baby constipation remedy can be easily gotten if you know what to do. Before going into how to get the baby constipation remedy, we need to know what the causes of constipation in babies are.

1. Constipation could be as a result of the formula used in feeding the baby. Changing the formula used in feeding the baby can cause the baby’s body to take its time before adapting to the new formula.

2. Lack of breast feeding. Some babies who are fed with just formulas have been known to poop once in three days compared to their breast fed counterparts who go at least once a day.

3. The form of the formula. If it is powder, ensure there is no packing when measuring. This basically means no compressing when you are measuring the formula.

4. The current atmospheric temperature. What is the current temperature of your locality? If it is pretty hot, then it might be responsible for your baby’s slower bowel movement.

However, the baby constipation remedy you need varies. You can try using a glycerin suppository. When using this, ensure that you put a little K-Y jelly on the suppository and insert in the baby’s rectum. Then hold the buttocks together so the suppository does not slide out. After this, give a warm bath. This helps the baby relax and have a bowel movement soon. Watch out however, as you might just have to deal with cleaning the stool from the bathtub as the baby may go right there. If on the other hand you don’t like baby constipation remedy stated above, you can try using a poop inducer available as a natural remedy ( Check online for the website and become an affiliate). It is a perfectly safe digestion stimulant. What’s more, it doesn’t cost a fortune to have and can be used by all age grades -adults inclusive.

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Tips and Information on Foods That Relieve Constipation

Tips and Information on Foods That Relieve ConstipationConstipation is a common disorder of the stomach and is very common in today’s world. The rate at which this disorder is spreading and common became so noticeable that even the Merck Manual even noted that we are a generation of degenerated colon carriers. In short, we have colons that are not functioning like they should because we are not eating well and neither are we drinking water like we should. If you are intending to start reducing the occurrence of constipation, then you need to know the foods that relieve constipation effectively.The starting point to relieving your self of constipation is a major change in diet. You’d have to either let those low nutrition foods such as candies, dairy products, cheese, burgers et.c. The major cause of constipation is unhealthy eating habits. We live in an age where we think the quicker you gulp down your food, the better in terms of saving time. This eventually catches up with us by the time we break down with constipation related diseases or just mere constipation. Foods like bran, psyllium husks, wheat, fruits that are rich in high quality fiber, vegetables, and whole grains; in short every high fiber foods are part of the foods that relieve constipation.Fiber rich foods like psyllium husks are said to be bulk forming agents. These aid the faster forming of fecal bulks which is an important part of the elimination process that has to occur in constipation before feces can be gotten rid of. Fiber foods are also important in helping to reduce the cholesterol levels in the body. They are not easily digestible by the intestinal tract hence putting them in the position of bulk forming enhancers and enable the feces to pass easily.Examples of fiber rich foods are blackberries, green beans, broccoli, raspberries, strawberries, apples including the skin, turnip greens, rye, stone ground whole wheat, walnuts and peanuts. It is important that you make as much possible these fibers part of your food. Be extremely careful about the kinds of food you eat. Ensure that you start noticing the nutritional information available on the sides of packaged and processed foods so as to ascertain the amounts of fiber you are taking in. Please be sure that your intake of fiber on a daily basis is nothing short of 25 grams for adults.For more information visit:

Natural Remedies Useful in Relieving Constipation

Natural Remedies Useful in Relieving ConstipationHow to Relieve Constipation Using Natural RemediesConstipation is the inability of an individual or animal to have bowel movements and eliminate waste materials from the body. There are varied causes of constipation: Inadequate intake of fiber-rich foods is one of them. Excessive consumption of dairy products, processed foods, fast foods, is another. More importantly, the neglect of water for other fluids such as coffee mineral drinks, beer also contributes greatly to it. Nothing is quite like water. It is the only substance that the body cannot conveniently do without. One other supposed factor –although still debatable- is the lack of exercise. While this is strictly open to debate and may not really be a core influencer in constipation disorders, it really doesn’t do anyone any harm to indulge in some form of exercise. A mere walking around the block can trigger bowel movements. In times past, when someone had constipation, the first thing they thought of is either using enemas or laxatives to help relieve them of the constipation. However, research has proven over the years that while laxatives are highly effective in the short term, they have long term adverse effects. For example, people who become so used to using laxatives usually end up having to rely on them for bowel movements. This is because the colon muscles simply refuse to contract and cause the normal bowel movements. Luckily though, because of research, we are finding that herbal remedies are more preferable, have longer lasting positive effects and more importantly, no side effects at all. The normal fruits we hitherto avoided are becoming really useful in helping to treat constipation and making us feel healthier and live longer. In the next paragraph and beyond, we’ll be looking at the various natural herbal remedies available for our day-to-day consumption.1. Mangos. This fruit is very popular in Africa. I works wonders in the treatment of constipation. It has never failed anyone who has used it as a natural remedy for constipation. Unfortunately, it is not available in this part of the world as it is a fruit found only in the tropics. One in the morning and last thing at night, and you have yourself an easy bowel movement. You might want to note it in case you travel some day to Africa.2. Bael Fruit. This works exceedingly well in the treatment of constipation. To commence treatment, consume the fruit on a daily basis for three months3. Eat a medium-sized pear at breakfast or after dinner. It has been said that it is an effective home remedy in relieving constipation.4. Eat guava with the seeds. Take two on a daily basis. It helps with bowel evacuation.For more information visit:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - a condition that affects many

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - a condition that affects manyAbdominal pain, discomfort, changing bowel habits, diarrhea, these are just a few of the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, or IBM, a condition that affects many. Often associated with stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and chronic pelvis pain, irritable bowel syndrome is a condition that defies one single explanation. In some women menstruation triggers IBS. Some women find the condition worsened by pregnancy or by menopause. Regardless of the cause, and many are possible, relief for many comes from use of Bowtrol Colon Cleaner, a treatment that is safe to take daily and provides needed relief for many irritable bowel symptom sufferers

While the cause of irritable bowel syndrome is not known and may be different in different people, all sufferers of IBS can probably benefit from a more health lifestyle, better eating habits, and a cleaner colon. Lifestyle improvements of course should include moderate exercise. Healthy heating habits should always include generous amounts of vegetables, fruits and legumes. Fats should be avoided, or at least not consumed in excess. These dietary changes and use of Bowtrol Colon Cleaner can bring relief to many. Remember of course that the gastrointestinal tract contains thousand and thousands of nerves. In fact, only the spinal column and brain contain more nerves in the human body. A clean colon helps these nerve endings. Also remember that gas is produced by intestinal bacteria is those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. Many studies have shown a connection between those with IBS and larger than normal amounts of gas production. A clean colon can help this condition, and Bowtrol Colon Cleaner can help keep a clean colon, hopefully leading to less distress, less discomfort and less pain.

Dietary fat can also be a culprit in IBSToo much fat can cause good and gas both to move more slowly through the stomach and the small intestine. In this way too much fat can aggravate symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Another argument in favor of a healthy lifestyle and better eating habits, and another argument in favor of a clean colon through use of Bowtrol Colon Cleaner.

Many people wonder if Bowtrol Colon Cleaner is suitable for use by children, or by adults with diabetes or other serious health problems. Bowtrol Colon Cleaner was designed for use by adults and is not recommended for use by those under 18 years of age. The makers of Bowtrol Colon Cleaner recommend consulting a physician before administering any supplements to children. As far as diseases and other health problems such as diabetes, thyroid, or high blood pressure, again the makers of Bowtrol Colon Cleaner believe in being careful with one’s health and recommend consulting a physician. However many doctors do recommend Bowtrol Colon Cleaner to their patients.

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How to Treat and Eliminate Infant constipation Part 2

In Part one of these series, we looked at the various causes of infant constipation and the myths surrounding the use of certain "cures" such as laxatives, suppositories et.c In this concluding part, we'll be examining the varied solutions available to us in the eliminating of infant constipation.

1. Do not under any circumstances give infants enemas or laxatives. This can cause so much havoc in the nearest future as they do not have a body system that can take the stress of breaking down all that amount of chemical.

2. For as long as possible, breast fed the child as this is the easiest food type that the baby can break down.

3. Give lots of water. As a newborn don’t give more than a small eye-dropper full of water. As your baby grows up and comes of age, give a bottle of water to her to suck on throughout the day. If you feel there is a need for it, add a little Rooibos tea (cooled) to the water-bottle. In case you are wondering what a Rooibos tea is, it is a natural tea made from herbs (Aspalathus Linearis) found only in the South African Cedarberg mountains.

4. Use magnesium popularly found in the form of magnesium citrate. This aids the contraction of the peristaltic muscles resulting in bowel evacuation. Apart from this, it enables the muscles of the intestine to function maximally. When giving it to the child, it is better to start with 1/16 of a tablespoon added to water which is given to the child. This can be continually applied until the child consistently has satisfactory bowel movements.

5. Use baby enema. To do this, apply olive oil to the tip of a bulb syringe containing about one to three (1-3) tablespoons of lukewarm water, and insert gently in the baby's colon. Be careful that there is no air in the bulb. After a few minutes, your baby should naturally have a bowel movement. Do this until satisfied.

6. Massage the baby. This simple act can ease tension in the baby, improves digestion, improves the growth of the baby and generally helps her fight off diseases.

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How to Relieve and Treat Constipation with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Sam was fifteen years when he had to be admitted into the hospital for what seemed like symptoms of appendicitis. After some careful tests, he was diagnosed to have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This is the same with quite a few people who are sufferers of IBS. Unfortunately, some individuals are not as lucky as they have a combination of constipation with irritable bowel syndrome. As the saying goes, you’ve got two devils to deal with. The question is “which comes first?”.

People –there are many- who suffer from constipation with irritable bowel syndrome find it very discomforting. One of them alone is bad enough; not to mention when you’ve got the two of them together. Sometimes, this condition is referred to as IBS-C. It is one of the three constipation types available.

However, a specific, fail-proof treatment for constipation with irritable bowel syndrome has not been found even as we speak. There could be varied combinations but more often than not, they seem to contradict each other. For instance, the bran that would normally work well for constipation is very antagonistic to irritable bowel symptom as it actually irritates the stomach walls.

While it can be said that there are varied treatments for constipation with irritable bowel syndrome, research is still being conducted into what drug would be able to specifically and wholly treat every case of constipation with irritable bowel syndrome. In the meantime, each sufferer might just have to learn what treatment combinations would be right for him. The basic forms of treatment for constipation might not be able to relieve that of IBS. For instance, gluten which is a very effective compound useful in the treatment of constipation alone would not do well for patients suffering from constipation with irritable bowel syndrome. That’s why you would have to find what works for you. You could try eating gluten-free diets and see if it produces any form of relief.

In the meantime, there is an effective solution that is recommended for constipation with irritable bowel syndrome. It is called Bowtrol. It is a complete colon cleanser. It also relieves all symptoms of constipation such as abdominal pains and cramps, constipation and bloating. Thankfully, it is not designed to be taken for life. All it takes is just one month of use depending on your prescription. Anyways, you could try it out if you’ve been suffering from constipation with irritable bowel syndrome and see how it goes. It’s been proven time and again that it works and can eliminate constipation with irritable bowel syndrome.

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How to Protect Yourself from and Get Rid Of Pregnancy Constipation

How to Protect Yourself from and Get Rid Of Pregnancy ConstipationPregnancy is that stage in woman's life when she carries a baby in her. It is usually accompanied by various bodily and hormonal changes. The more popular ones are morning sickness -where the woman has the urge to throw up first thing in the morning- nausea, headaches, hot flushes, increased desire to eat. The not so popular ones are those like constipation. Like it or not, this happens to many women as a result of either their eating habits -some eat lots of junk foods during pregnancy- or just irregular bowel movements. This usually continues during the very early stages until after delivery.The reasons behind the occurrence of constipation during the pregnancy phase and even after the delivery are varied. In post delivery cases, certain women end up tearing their rectal tissue during the process of birthing. This is usually repaired after she gives birth. However, the pain that accompanies this when she wants to pass stool can be intense. This could lead to an agonizingly, painful constipation for her. In some cases, because of the pain accompanying it, the women hold it in for a long period which actually ends up worsening the situation as it just leads to a build up of toxic waste in the colon.Some other women who may have been delivered using the caesarian section may find that their bowel movements are just deferred for a short period of time after delivery. Some other common factors are medicinal side effects, increased level of stress, changed diet, a lack of sufficient sleep, low fluid intake, consumption of caffeinated fluids and drinks.To treat and possibly cure pregnancy constipation, there are varied solutions to take on. Chief among them is consuming and eating foods that are only rich in fiber, lots of fruit, exercise -avoid the stressful ones- such as a walk around the block is a great one as it reduces the incidence of bloating. Also, take in lots of fluid. As much as possible, avoid caffeinated drinks as they only cause dehydration. Also take calcium or vitamin supplements specifically designed for pregnant women. Another option is using stool softeners. Only use this in the short term as it has side effects when used for long period of time. You might also want to try using Bowtrol. It’s a highly effective herbal colon cleanser that not only does a good job of cleansing you, but also, repairing and healing worn colon tissues.For more information visit:

How to Eliminate Constipation Using Enemas Part 2

How to Eliminate Constipation Using Enemas Part 2In this concluding part of the two-part series on eliminating constipation using enemas, you find all you need to know about other methods for colon cleansing and constipation relief.Now that you know all quite a lot about constipation, its attendant effects and its causes, what methods of treatments would be best in the easing an individual of constipation?1. Eat healthily and as much as possible avoid junk or processed foods. Change over to high fiber foods such as wheat, bran et.c2. Exercise well, drink lots of water, avoid caffeinated drinks as they dehydrate you, and eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner at the required periods.3. To cure constipation, there are varied methods. The most popular is the use of enemas and laxatives. Since this is what we are looking at in this article, we'll concentrate on the effect of enemas on constipation.Enemas are known to be side effect free, wash the colon of all rubbish and ultimately keep you healthy. However, taking enemas can be repetitive and if I am sure of the sort of solution you want, it is a permanent one. So, I'd recommend you try Bowtrol Colon Cleanser. You can find it at It is a highly effective colon cleanser with fast action. With it you can be sure you would never think of constipation anymore. In fact, experts agree that colon cleansing is so far the very best method in cleaning out your bowels and making an individual toxin-free. So you see that while enemas have short term treatment range, colon cleansing has a longer time range and is much healthier. Unfortunately, many people are averse to this method of treatment because they feel they are too busy. Well, unlike before, colon cleansing has become very fast now. You do not have to spend the whole day in a hospital to get your colons cleansed. All you need is a bottle Bowtrol Colon Cleanse. Take as prescribed and recommended at the beginning of the day and you are good to go. No waiting, not prodding et.c However, as you take it, ensure that you’ve got a toilet as near you as possible because you can be very sure it will be your port of call. To get Bowtrol colon cleanse, go to Go and get yours now and transform your life completely.For more information visit:

How to Eliminate Constipation Using Enemas Part 1

How to Eliminate Constipation Using Enemas Part 1Constipation has become a very common ailment or disorder found everywhere in the globe. Recent findings have revealed that the modern day individual has the worst colon and intestine health since the beginning of humanity’s existence. This is due to bad eating and feeding habits. We don’t eat like they used to less than five decades ago. We don’t take as much water as they do. We don’t even have enough exercise –even if it is simple walking around the block. The society has becomes a society that thrives on instant pleasure and solutions. Hence, the spread of the cankerworm into the very fabric of society. All we rely on are quick fixes. That’s why we don’t eat healthily anymore. As long as we’ve got sandwich, hot dogs and burgers, instant noodles, chocolate bars et.c we’re satisfied. Unfortunately, these so called “quick fixes” are fast becoming the knives with which we stab ourselves and shorten our lifespan. The reason there is so much incidence of constipation and stomach disorders is as a result of the fact that we would rather consume lots of sugars instead of taking fruits; and this is killing us and reducing our maximum productivity. Recent estimates have established that over $5b is lost annually in terms of productivity as a result of people taking sick leave just to go treat constipation. If you are above six years old, then, I can bet on it hat you’ve had at least three incidents of constipation in your life. If you think you have never, why don’t we clarify what constipation is.So, to clarify what constipation is, it is simply the inability of an individual to have bowel movements and therefore pass feces. Constipation is usually very uncomfortable and can even increase from mere discomfort to acute pain resulting from trying and straining to pass stool. This occurs as a result of the intestines inability to have its muscular contractions. Hence, the waste that ought to be expelled at once, starts getting expelled in bits. If it was just this, it might have been better. But when the feces don’t get passed out like they should, it starts building up in the colon; ultimately causing a fecal impaction. Fecal impaction can thus be said to be the build up of feces in the intestine. Thus build up is what eventually disallows the easy passage of feces as the point of impaction blocks the whole passage way.For more information visit:

Homemade Colon Cleanse

Homemade Colon Cleanse: How Homemade colon Cleansing Can Help You keep in Top Shape –Part 1Cleansing the colon is a decision we all will make sometime in our lives. It may be intentional, willingly, or unwillingly. When willingly, it is good. But unwillingly, then it means you were forced to do it as a result of certain health conditions. Either way, you get the colon cleansed. Now there are various methods through which you can get the colon cleaned out. But we are going to be examining homemade colon cleansing methods.1. EnemasEnemas are a highly popular though inefficient homemade colon cleanse agent that has been in existence since at least five centuries ago. In the ancient times, people found that to incite bowel movements, you could easily pour water through the anus into the colon. Hence, they started applying that to themselves when they had digestion problems and found it hard to pass their wastes. Enemas are not hard to get or create. They are made from a combination of water and oils which are squirted through the anus into the colon until the colon is full and then initiates the bowel movement required. The thing with this method is that it is invasive, embarrassing and unenjoyable. Moreover, it is not something you can do while on the move. You must be close to a toilet otherwise, you will suffer the embarrassment of doing it on yourself. How’s that for thought!People who use the homemade colon cleanse enema tend to apply more water quantity than the commercially available ones; for instance, a homemade colon cleanse enema contains ѕ of water, peppermint, frankincense or fennel. Sometimes they combine one or more of these together or even all at the same time. It is important to note the role these oils play in getting an individual to have bowel movements. They act as stimulators of the colon muscles which in turn contract to expel the stool in the colon. Please note that in case you settle for this option,. You need to add nothing more than 1-3 drops of the oils to the water you’ll be using as enema. While you may be satisfied with this, it is better that you know that applying it is pretty difficult. It entails having to lie down comfortably, being close to the toilet, the temperature of the water being between ninety eight and one hundred and three (98-103) degrees Fahrenheit, bag containing the enema hanging at least 2 ft above the body et.c it is a whole complex stuff and besides, it doesn’t do a thorough job of properly eliminating impacted fecal matter clinging to your colon walls so if you are looking for the best homemade colon cleanse solution, you might want to check some other option.For more information visit:

Constipation: An Overview of its Causes and Symptoms

Constipation: An Overview of its Causes and SymptomsConstipation is a normal occurrence that has been estimated to occur to every individual in his or her lifetime. It’s been ascertained that as we get older, we have a higher tendency to become more constipated. People above the age forty are particularly susceptible to this because they are at the peak of their lives at that period. Men in this age bracket are often achieving lots of things at this time and hence, there is usually less time for them to eat well, and exercise as they have a bust schedule. Therefore, constipation in this period can be said to be caused by eating disorders or bad eating habits.When we eventually get constipation, how do we treat or get relief from it? Most people are all for the laxative and enema treatments. But feelers that we are getting from health boards all over the world are advocating that as much as possible that we avoid laxatives. Many people who have become very familiar with laxatives can even swear to its ability to make an individual dependent on it for bowel movement. The very last thing we want is to be subject to a mere chemical.However, to stem the continuous occurrence of constipation in the daily life of an individual, the best thing really is to change the eating habits. This can safely be said to drastically reduce the incidence of constipation as most of the constipation people get is from eating low fiber foods and excess fatty foods. Foods that are rich in fiber such as wheat, bran, psyllium husks work wonders in the relieving and consequent elimination of constipation and its frequent occurrence.The absence of high quantity of fluids –particularly water- is also an important contributor. Because we are always in a rush to achieve things, we then to for get to take at least eight glasses of water everyday. Hence, the stool ends up not having enough moisture to ease the passage of feces through the colon and rectum.Another contributing factor is the bad habit of holding back when we feel the need to “go”. Many people think because they are busy, it can always come later. Of course, it does come later but during that same period, some of the toxic waste from the stool might have been reabsorbed into the bloodstream. Not to mention the moisture that is also reabsorbed leaving the feces hard and dry. The victims may end up passing this feces, but there is always a tendency that some of the feces will remain in the colon. Hence, there won’t be a total elimination of the waste products. If colon cleansing is not done in due time, then there will be the incidence of toxic poisoning caused by the reabsorption of waste into the bloodstream, contaminating the blood, reducing the immunity of the individual and spreading disease in the body.For more information visit:

Constipation Remedies: 5 Natural Constipation Remedies

Constipation Remedies: 5 Natural Constipation RemediesUntil recently, constipation was not taken into cognizance in the corporate world. Neither was its effects really looked into. However, recent surveys and estimates have shown that constipation is singularly responsible for the loss of over $2billion annually. As a result, it has become in fact very important to address the issue and its treatments. While some of us are very familiar with the use of enemas or laxatives, we are also finding that these have side effects and as a result, should be avoided as much as possible. For instance, it has been proven than laxatives are not only addictive, they make the individual dependent on them for bowel movements. That's the reason some people are looking for alternative constipation remedies which do not become addictive and most importantly, not leave chemical residues in the body which can be harmful in the long term.If you have ever had constipation, you'll agree with me that constipation is not only uncomfortable, it is embarrassing. When an individual is constipating, he is not in any way comfortable at all. Symptoms such as bloated abdomen, gas, headache, et.c accompany the onset of constipation.The causes of constipation are varied. But chief among them are unhealthy eating -non-consumption of high fiber content foods- lack of exercise, minimal fluid intake and changes in both life and environment such as changes in locations or traveling and pregnancy. Other contributing factors are diseases, and colon and rectum troubles.So what natural constipation remedies are fast action remedies?1. Boysenberry. The juice of this fruit is capable of functioning as a gentle laxative. It is to be used in the case of mild constipation not chronic ones.2. Cantaloupe fruit is a very great fruit and is adequate for helping to relieve constipation. Its high fiber content is what actually makes it very useful to those who have constipation. It is also a rich source of both Vitamins A and C and lots of minerals.3. Flaxseed oil has been proven time and again to be an effective constipation remedy. All you need for maximum results is to take 1-2 tablespoonfuls with lots of water immediately after lunch or dinner.4. Elderflower is also very effective. All you need is an infusion of it in water as many times as it is needed daily.5. Epsom Salts is also another good remedy. To use it as a constipation remedy, mix one teaspoonful in half glass of water jut before bed. Please not that it is bitter so the taste does not hit you unawares.For more information visit:

Bowtrol Probiotics

Probiotics are dietary supplements containing potentially beneficial bacteria or yeast. According to the currently adopted definition by FAO/WHO, probiotics are: ‘Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host’. [1] Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) are the most common type of microbes used. LAB have been used in the food industry for many years, because they are able to convert sugars (including lactose) and other carbohydrates into lactic acid. This not only provides the characteristic sour taste of fermented dairy foods such as yogurt, but acts as a preservative, by lowering the pH and creating fewer opportunities for spoilage organisms to grow.

Probiotic bacterial cultures are intended to assist the body's naturally occurring gut flora to reestablish themselves. They are sometimes recommended by doctors, and, more frequently, by nutritionists, after a course of antibiotics, or as part of the treatment for gut related candidiasis. Claims are made that probiotics strengthen the immune system. [2]

The rationale for probiotics is that the body contains a miniature ecology of microbes, collectively known as the gut flora. A number of bacterial types are thought to be thrown out of balance by a wide range of circumstances including the use of antibiotics or other drugs, excess alcohol, stress, disease, or exposure to toxic substances. In cases like these, the bacteria that work well with our bodies (see symbiosis) may decrease in number, an event which allows harmful competitors to thrive, to the detriment of our health.

Maintenance of a healthy gut flora is, however, dependent on many factors, especially the quality of food intake. Including a significant proportion of prebiotic foods in the diet has been demonstrated to support a healthy gut flora and may be another means of achieving the desirable health benefits promised by probiotics.

Experiments into the benefits of probiotic therapies suggest a range of potentially beneficial medicinal uses for probiotics. For many of the potential benefits, research is limited and only preliminary results are available. It should be noted that the effects described are not general effects of probiotics. All effects can only be attributed to the strain(s) tested, not to the species, nor to the whole group of LAB (or other probiotics).

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Benefits of a Herbal Colon Cleansing Supplement

The body is like a highly functional machine. A machine as we well know must go through a period of complete readjustment, cleaning, realigning, refurbishing et.c so also should our body. In our daily activities, we forget to check our bodies. We forget to take care of our bowels and as result, we sometimes become less effective than we are supposed to be. Let me explain.Let’s say you’ve got this very important meting that you need to be at and just about the time you sat down, you had this terrible urge to go. What do you do? Leave the delegation and go spend thirty minutes in the loo while keeping them waiting? Imagine what harm that can do to your business. So you see that not cleaning out your bowels can adversely affect the results you pursue.To effectively carry out an evacuation of your bowels, it is best to take something that will not affect or interfere with your daily activities. This is where using herbal supplements come in. Other forms require you to use interfering methods that you would not like. For example if you were to do a hydrotherapy, you would end up spending about ninety minutes in the clinic or at home.For more information visit:

Are You a Candidate For Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Are you a candidate for irritable bowel syndrome? Do you have abdominal pain or cramping? Do you have constipation? Diarrhea? How about vomiting, or fever or headache? How about bloating and water retention? Irritable bowel syndrome is not pleasant for anyone who has it, and many many Americans do suffer from it, in fact more every year. Many of these turn to Bowtrol Colon Cleanser for relief.

Why do they turn to Bowtrol Colon Cleanser? The answer to that is easy. Bowtrol Colon Cleanser is all natural and has many successful users. Their track record is outstanding. Bowtrol Colon Cleanser in league with a healthy lifestyle that should include moderate exercise and sensible eating habits can help keep the colon cleansed. Two to three good, regular and healthy bowel movements a day are essential to good colon health. Bowtrol Colon Cleanser helps with this. So does good eating. Most Americans eat way too much fast food. Too much sugar, too much fat. Not enough vegetables and fruit. Not enough healthy grains or legumes. Legumes are beans of all types – green beans, black beans, lima beans, butter beans, brown beans, navy beans, pinto beans, and on and on. Also peanuts are legumes. These are great sources of fiber for better colon cleanliness and better colon health. A one-two punch of better eating habits and Bowtrol Colon Cleanser can make a world of difference in most people. Good colon health and cleanliness can be the difference between a pain free day and a day full of abdominal cramping. It can also be the difference between feeling good and feeling constipated, or bloated or headachy. And remember that good colon health means no diarrhea, an experience few people enjoy.

The reason for good colon health and cleanliness leading to health elsewhere in the body is simple really. The colon is a very large and very complex organ. It contains more nerves than any other organ, except of course for the brain and the spinal column, known as the central nervous system. All other organs in the body are connected to the colon, and all organs in the body work together. If the colon has problems, these problems spread to other organs and you will feel symptoms of spastic colon, irritable bowel syndrome or another ailment. It only makes good health sense to do what you can to keep your colon cleansed and healthy to keep the rest of your body functioning properly. Bowtrol Colon Cleanser is a great place to start.

Americans Suffer From Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Thousands and thousands of Americans suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. It affects young, old and middle aged. Men and women are both affected by this ailment. Many thousands of man hours are lost in the working world due to absence or when a person comes in to work, from being less productive simply because they don’t feel well. Irritable bowel syndrome is blight upon American culture and on the American economy, and it is treatable and doesn’t have to be that way.

The causes of irritable bowel syndrome are many, but the most common, according to many experts, is a build up of fecal matter and the resulting gas and bacteria that comes from it in the colon. The bacteria grows rapidly and spreads toxins throughout the body. The body reacts in a multitude of ways. This can be manifested in constipation, diarrhea, headache, water retention, or abdominal pain and cramping. No one likes having irritable bowel syndrome. It is painful, uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Controlling or getting rid of irritable bowel syndrome can be done in many cases through cleansing of the colon. A clean colon is a healthy colon, goes the old saying. Many people cleanse their colons through changing their eating habits. They turn to healthier foods such as big green leafy vegetables, fruits, salads, and whole grains for breads and pastas. They eat fewer fatty foods and less processed sugar. They don’t go to fast food restaurants as often. And many of these people have also discovered the benefits of the natural supplement known as Bowtrol Colon Cleanser. Those who use Bowtrol Colon Cleanser have been known to recommend it to friends, relatives and acquaintances who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome as well, because it has worked so well for them. By using Bowtrol Colon Cleanser these people are enhancing the body’s changes of cleansing the colon and discharging the fecal matter and bacteria that causes the problem. If you had basic science in junior high school, the concept should make sense. Getting rid of the bacteria gets rid of the toxins. Having two or three good bowel movements a day should get rid of the fecal matter, which should get rid of the bacteria and gas, and should result in a cleansed colon, fewer toxins and better health. In this way a combination of healthy eating and use of the supplement Bowtrol Colon Cleanser can lead to feeling better and improved health.

5 Natural Home Remedies for Constipation

5 Natural Home Remedies for ConstipationConstipation is a common disorder that is rampant among the American populace. Estimates have shown that over 3 million people have constipation annually in the United States. As if that were not enough, more than 2 million also suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The causes of constipation are multifaceted. However, there are varied methods in the meantime that will result in some form of relief for anyone who has got constipation. For the purpose of this write-up, we’ll focus a lot more on the natural home remedies useful in constipation relief around us.1. Drink water regularly. At least 6 glasses of water a day would be very great and therapeutic. Large amounts of water aids quick digestion and enables easier bowel movement.2. Adding roasted black gram powder to chapatti made of wheat including the husks too can enhance constipation relief.3. Molasses which have high calorie content are also very good. Beware though as it has a strong taste and you’ll want to add fruit juice or milk to it when taking it. All you really need is two tablespoonfuls of blackstrap molasses just before sleeping at night.4. Take half a cup of cabbage juice twice a day. This is very effective in treating and curing constipation.5. If you have got access to mango, take one in the morning right after brushing before breakfast, and one at night after dinner. Mangoes are very effective bowel movers. There is a sure guarantee that you’ll have to “go” at least twice before nightfall.6. Create a mixture of Spiegel seeds and warm milk. This is done by dipping the Spiegel seeds (5-10g) in warm milk (200g). To this, mixture, add sugar and you have for yourself a highly effective treatment method.7. If you are suffering from chronic constipation, take a drink of figs dipped in water in the morning. If taken in copious amounts, you’ll definitely find yourself reaching for the next available toilet.8. if you want instant relief from constipation, drink water that has been kept in a copper container and has been left overnight. It acts as a superb constipation relief.9. Get half a glass of water and mix one-quarter (ј) of Epsom salts with it for fast constipation relief.10. Also try pouring a whole sachet of Andrew’s Liver Salt in a glass of water sand gulp down immediately. This will also produce a fast constipation relief.For more information visit

5 Helpful Tips for Constipation Treatment –Part 2

In the first part of these series on constipation help, we examined the causes of constipation and also stated one of the solutions. In this concluding part, we will be seeing the five various tips leading to the cure of constipation.

1. Exercise

Individuals who do a lot more exercise are often better physically that those who live a sedentary life. They look younger, brighter, their eyes sparkle, they have boundless energy and are generally healthier. They have a limitless zest for life and as a result of all these can fight diseases because they have a vibrant, healthy immune system. Recent stats have proved that people who lead sedentary lives are more easily prone to constipation that those who are active. So, just getting up and walking around the block in the morning is good enough to get your bowels moving.

2. Hyperosmolar Laxatives

These are compounds that can’t be digested or absorbed into the intestine. As a result they remain in the colon to retain the water that is in the colon. Hence, there is a softening of the stool as a result of the presence of moisture. Examples of this are sorbitol, lactulose and polyethylene glycol. These laxatives are only available by prescription. They have side effects –hence the restriction in access to it- and are used for the long term treatment of constipation. Part of the side effects it has on the body is abdominal bloating and flatulence. This occurs as a result of the laxative being digested by bacteria and its subsequent turning into gas. If this continues, a reduction in the dosage usually reduces the incidence of bloating and flatulence. In some cases however, the gas may reduce in volume by itself.

3. Saline Laxatives

These are laxatives that are made up ions that can’t be absorbed by the colon. Examples of such ions are phosphate, citrate which can be found in the following combinations: sodium phosphate, and magnesium hydroxide. They function by drawing water into the colon which in return softens that stool. This constipation help method has its disadvantages. The disadvantages of using saline laxatives are people with weak kidneys may find it hard to expel resulting in the formation of kidney stones. This happens if it is used over a long period of time. Thus, short term usage in perfect order. It may also cause diarrhea which may lead to dehydration if the amount of fluid lost by the body is not replaced immediately. Saline laxatives are found in solutions such as Milk of magnesia or Epsom Salt.

4. Stimulant LaxativesThese incite the small intestine and colon muscles to push their substance faster. This they do by increasing the water content in the small intestine or inhibiting the amount of water absorbed by the colon. These laxatives can be found in Castor oil, Senna and Aloe Vera oils. They are quite useful in alleviating and curing constipation but also has its disadvantages. Because of its potency, it can instigate diarrhea which would result in dehydration if the individual does not take liquids. They can also cause intestinal cramping and long term intensive use can result in colon damage and worse constipation.Finally, not all of the constipation help methods are applicable. You can either consult your physician or get a a quick, fast relief from constipation. The methods mentioned above could take quite a few days before you can start seeing results. However, there is a quick solution. You can treat your constipation in less than 24 hrs and be totally free.For more information visit

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5 Helpful Tips for Constipation Treatment -Part 1

Got constipation? Well most of us do once in a while for some and frequently for others. In this article we'll look at how you can get all the constipation help you'd probably need. While this is not all inclusive in itself, you can consort other sources for all the constipation help you might need. Most people who suffer from constipation will tell that it is one of the most uncomfortable experiences they've had. There are various reasons and causes of constipation: 1. Consumption of fast foods and foods that lack lots of fiber. This is the single major reason behind most occurrences of constipation. Because we live in an "instant" age, fast foods have become the order of the day. People just don't know what it is to eat healthily. As long as you can grab some sandwich, burger or fried chicken and the stomach feels full, everything's settled. As a result, foods are not readily digested. All the fiber necessary to stimulate bowel movement are almost non-existent. 1. Inadequate fluid intake. People don't drink fluids these days -at least not enough to compensate for bodily needs. Hence, when the feces gets to the rectum, the little moisture remaining in it is absorbed by the rectum. Because stooling requires moisture to enable the easy passage, it becomes hard to freely pass stool. That's why there is a lot of straining to get eliminate the waste. 1. Leading a sedentary life. People who don't take care of themselves physically, tend to easily develop constipation as a result of the fact they are not involved in any sort of exercise. One of the very first recommendations for those who need constipation help is exercise. The fact that you move around would improve your bowel movements and hasten the relief of constipation. 4. Pregnant women also suffer from constipation as a result of a change in hormonal balance in the body and also because of the pressure of the now occupied uterus on the intestine. Since you have read some of the causes, it would be better if we moved so you can get all the constipation help you need: 1. Eat lots of FiberDietary fiber which is also known as bulk forming laxatives is gotten from the consumption of fruits and vegetables. The easiest way to incorporate this into your lifestyle is by increasing the quantity of fruits and vegetables in your meals and cutting down on the excess of dairy and meat products. In some cases however, some individuals may find it hard to cope with the bulk of fruits needed. When this occurs, it is best that fiber supplements such as wheat bran, oat bran, psyllium seeds be added to the daily diet. To make this routine easier, when you have the itch to grab a snack, pick a fruit instead and you're on your way to relief. The only downside to this method is if the patient has strictures and adhesions. In this circumstance, it is advisable to consult a physician before getting on in the treatment. Also, some fibers have sugar; as a result, diabetic patients cannot take such. When this occurs, it is best that the patient gets sugar-free fibers. Fibers should not be taken in large quantities suddenly. Small quantities are best for starting. Then, it can gradually increase if the patient finds it necessary. A space of one week is adequate for each phase of increase in fiber content. Sources of fiber are fruits, vegetables, Citrucel, Konsyl Fiber, Maltsupex et.cFor more information visit: