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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Constipation: An Overview of its Causes and Symptoms

Constipation: An Overview of its Causes and SymptomsConstipation is a normal occurrence that has been estimated to occur to every individual in his or her lifetime. It’s been ascertained that as we get older, we have a higher tendency to become more constipated. People above the age forty are particularly susceptible to this because they are at the peak of their lives at that period. Men in this age bracket are often achieving lots of things at this time and hence, there is usually less time for them to eat well, and exercise as they have a bust schedule. Therefore, constipation in this period can be said to be caused by eating disorders or bad eating habits.When we eventually get constipation, how do we treat or get relief from it? Most people are all for the laxative and enema treatments. But feelers that we are getting from health boards all over the world are advocating that as much as possible that we avoid laxatives. Many people who have become very familiar with laxatives can even swear to its ability to make an individual dependent on it for bowel movement. The very last thing we want is to be subject to a mere chemical.However, to stem the continuous occurrence of constipation in the daily life of an individual, the best thing really is to change the eating habits. This can safely be said to drastically reduce the incidence of constipation as most of the constipation people get is from eating low fiber foods and excess fatty foods. Foods that are rich in fiber such as wheat, bran, psyllium husks work wonders in the relieving and consequent elimination of constipation and its frequent occurrence.The absence of high quantity of fluids –particularly water- is also an important contributor. Because we are always in a rush to achieve things, we then to for get to take at least eight glasses of water everyday. Hence, the stool ends up not having enough moisture to ease the passage of feces through the colon and rectum.Another contributing factor is the bad habit of holding back when we feel the need to “go”. Many people think because they are busy, it can always come later. Of course, it does come later but during that same period, some of the toxic waste from the stool might have been reabsorbed into the bloodstream. Not to mention the moisture that is also reabsorbed leaving the feces hard and dry. The victims may end up passing this feces, but there is always a tendency that some of the feces will remain in the colon. Hence, there won’t be a total elimination of the waste products. If colon cleansing is not done in due time, then there will be the incidence of toxic poisoning caused by the reabsorption of waste into the bloodstream, contaminating the blood, reducing the immunity of the individual and spreading disease in the body.For more information visit:

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