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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Top 5 Tips On How to Effectively Cleanse the Colon

Top 5 Tips On How to Effectively Cleanse the Colon The colon which is an important part of our digestive system is in part responsible for the passage and expelling of feces via our anus. It is long and is made up of bacteria, blood vessels, muscles and nerves. All these help in the elimination of waste from our precious bodies. To effectively cleanse the colon, there are various options we must consider. So are very effective, while others are not so effective.Because the colon is situated inside the body there is a high tendency that most of us have even forgotten that fact that it is there until we start having problem passing stool with lots of strain. The reason this occurs is due to various factors such as lack of exercise, lack of foods that are fiber rich, inadequate fluids in the colon et.c. Cleansing the colon therefore entails knowing some important things like what product is best for a specific type of person, what techniques are very effective, what supplements to use or what diet to be on et.c You see there are various methods and we’ll be looking at each and every one of them in-depth.1. HydrotherapyThis is also popularly referred to as colon irrigation. In this method, purified water –sometimes mixed with minerals- re infused into an individual through the anus to wash off all forms of waste both loose and hard, clinging and floating from the walls of the intestine and the colon. When the water is injected into the person, it causes the colon muscles to contract resulting in bowel movements. When this is carried out by an experienced personnel or professional, it is not harmful and in fact has high benefits. But when carried out by an inexperienced fellow, you re likely to end up developing what is called a megacolon which really means the distending of the colon to a larger size hence making it possible for the colon to take more fecal waste that it should normally do. Also, when effectively carried out, you can be rest assured you might not need any other for the next six months to one year. However, if you insist in it being frequently done, it would lead to an abuse of the whole process, result in muscle damaging, and nerve damage. It is also very expensive as it costs nothing less than $100 per treatment or per session with the doctor.For more information visit:

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