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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Natural Remedies Useful in Relieving Constipation

Natural Remedies Useful in Relieving ConstipationHow to Relieve Constipation Using Natural RemediesConstipation is the inability of an individual or animal to have bowel movements and eliminate waste materials from the body. There are varied causes of constipation: Inadequate intake of fiber-rich foods is one of them. Excessive consumption of dairy products, processed foods, fast foods, is another. More importantly, the neglect of water for other fluids such as coffee mineral drinks, beer also contributes greatly to it. Nothing is quite like water. It is the only substance that the body cannot conveniently do without. One other supposed factor –although still debatable- is the lack of exercise. While this is strictly open to debate and may not really be a core influencer in constipation disorders, it really doesn’t do anyone any harm to indulge in some form of exercise. A mere walking around the block can trigger bowel movements. In times past, when someone had constipation, the first thing they thought of is either using enemas or laxatives to help relieve them of the constipation. However, research has proven over the years that while laxatives are highly effective in the short term, they have long term adverse effects. For example, people who become so used to using laxatives usually end up having to rely on them for bowel movements. This is because the colon muscles simply refuse to contract and cause the normal bowel movements. Luckily though, because of research, we are finding that herbal remedies are more preferable, have longer lasting positive effects and more importantly, no side effects at all. The normal fruits we hitherto avoided are becoming really useful in helping to treat constipation and making us feel healthier and live longer. In the next paragraph and beyond, we’ll be looking at the various natural herbal remedies available for our day-to-day consumption.1. Mangos. This fruit is very popular in Africa. I works wonders in the treatment of constipation. It has never failed anyone who has used it as a natural remedy for constipation. Unfortunately, it is not available in this part of the world as it is a fruit found only in the tropics. One in the morning and last thing at night, and you have yourself an easy bowel movement. You might want to note it in case you travel some day to Africa.2. Bael Fruit. This works exceedingly well in the treatment of constipation. To commence treatment, consume the fruit on a daily basis for three months3. Eat a medium-sized pear at breakfast or after dinner. It has been said that it is an effective home remedy in relieving constipation.4. Eat guava with the seeds. Take two on a daily basis. It helps with bowel evacuation.For more information visit:

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